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Find of the day on Ebay: 1937 Cord 812 Westchester

  • 16 Apr, 2011
  • by yorgee - George Nikolov

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This car has number of firsts – first car ever to have hidden headlights, first car to have horn ring, first American car with front wheel drive. The car sit extremely low compared to the rest of the cars of 1930’s and was built on a budged because E. L. Cord didn’t have a lot of money at the time. Cord 812 was rushed into the market and had number of problems – the gears didn’t shift properly, the engine overheated. Problems lead to bad reputation of this model but that didn’t stop people to like them. The most impressive thing about Cord 812 is the exterior design and the driving experience is like a newer car – in other words the car was way ahead of its time. 

I don't have to say this Cord is part of my list of favorite cars. I made a short research at Ebay for Cord 812 and luckily I found one. Only 51,255 miles on the odometer, Tan exterior and Burgundy color and the seller says that "The engine starts and runs very well. Unlike most Cords, the semi automatic transmission in this car shifts very well without fuss." Link to Ebay auction.

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