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Buick Reatta - can you believe this car was manufactured with touchscreen display in 1988?

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In the next few articles I will publish the cars that I remember from my childhood. We used to buy bubble gums named “Turbo” – each bubble gum was wrapped with small photos of cars. Each photo had a number and we were collecting series of photos and also exchanging duplicate photos to get the entire series at the end. Back then I was impressed from some of the cars and I’m going to list all of them in next few articles.

Buick Reatta is nice looking sport car – at least for me. What I like the most is the rear end of the car and specially the tail lights. You can’t see full-width rear tail lights that often and it sure looks good braking at nights. Another cool feature was the touch screen display on the earlier models. Obviously that was too advanced technology for the Reatta buyers and it was removed at the next update of the model.

I found some interesting resources about Buick Reatta that worth checking out. Follow the external links to read more.

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