1986 Buick Somerset Limited Vehicle name: Janie The Dream Time Machine

Username amtrakf40ph348 Country USA City South Fallsburg, New York (NY)

About this Buick Somerset

  • Date added: 20 March, 2021
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  • Engine and Transmission: Gasoline, 4 in line , L4-Iron Duke. Transmission: 3 speed auto
  • Exterior/Interior Color: Light Blue Metallic. Upholstery: Navy Blue
  • Tags: GM, Buick, Buick Somerset, Buick Skylark Fifth generation
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1986 Buick Somerset Limited. Has 20,396 original documented miles. Immaculate for being 36 years old. All original, including the am pod radio(Note: She has been upgraded to the oem graphic am/fm equalizer and the stock cassette player, with concert sound II system. Costed me an arm and a leg.), plush limited interior with chrome bumpers and sails. She is literally, still, Brand New, Straight down to her original, delivered GM floor mats! In the process of being completely overhauled, with stock gm light blue metallic paint code, navy blue canvas carriage roof, the original oem 999881, Somerset gm chrome luggage rack on trunk, oem white Somerset splashguards, small square blue regal and roadster emblems on front fenders, along with the original Somerset blue square chrome hood emblem and 1 inch cut, Cooper Cobra 195/70 r13, custom whitewall tires. (Same exact appearance as the grey limited in photographs, but navy blue rag top to match interior)-(Had that 87 grey limited 3 years, purchased it with 21,000 miles, put hundreds, thousands of miles on her clock with the 6, crossed the country 7 times, was crushed in the year 1994). Shes another gal I did, using my bare hands and a 2 ton jack! Shes nearing completion, with her last step of cosmetic surgery and when done, she is going to be nothing shy, of drop dead gorgeous... Exactly how they were decked out, in the year 1986, but now 36 years later. Been Datin her and her sisters for the past, 34 years of my life!🤣! And, lastly but not the least to admit, the Buick Somerset was cut and aimed, solely for the females buyers market, by General Motors out of the 3 in the N-Body group and she appears to be the most beautifully preserved Somerset Limited perhaps left, in total existence.... She is Janie, the dream, time machine.... Her photographs are under strick provisional copyright and owned exclusively by Yorgee and the Administration of VirtualParking.net.


  1. yorgee
    Added: 21 March, 2021

    Congratulations. Beautiful car and precious companion to the other Somerset :)

  2. amtrakf40ph348
    Added: 21 March, 2021

    Thanks so much, Yorg! I am honored to be amongst all of you on Virtual Parking!!!

  3. amtrakf40ph348
    Added: 21 March, 2021

    This is the very best Virtual Parking Lot on this planet!!!!! PERIOD! GOD BLESS ALL!!!!

  4. izach30
    Added: 20 May, 2021

    Great cars - sent you a PM we should for sure meet up - I have a 87 Somerset with the T package

  5. amtrakf40ph348
    Added: 20 May, 2021

    Just sent u the message.

  6. amtrakf40ph348
    Added: 20 May, 2021

    U got work to do to that t. I say we get started! Heard?

  7. thornburg-rusty
    Added: 14 February, 2022

    Beautiful example! We had a Calais Supreme in the family in 1986 (through '91). People underestimated its V6 power plant. Thanks for sharing yours!

  8. amtrakf40ph348
    Added: 14 February, 2022

    Thanks Rusty! My pleasure...

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