1987 Buick Somerset Regal Custom T-Type Vehicle name: Ms. Will

Username izach30 Country USA City Alpine, New Jersey (NJ)

About this Buick Somerset Regal

  • Date added: 04 June, 2021
  • Visits: 2324
  • Engine and Transmission: Gasoline, V6 , 3.0. Transmission: 3 Speed Automatic
  • Exterior/Interior Color: Garnet Red. Upholstery: Maroon
  • Tags: GM, Buick, Buick Somerset, Buick Skylark Fifth generation


  1. amtrakf40ph348
    Added: 06 June, 2021

    Nice job!!!!

  2. carcrazybill
    Added: 01 February, 2022

    Nice catch and sweet ride!! Yours is the first Somerset that I've seen in a while that wasn't taken in for "the recall". I had an '86 T-type that was my first new car that I bought off the lot when I was 19 and got my first "real" job. It was white/gray and was loaded up except for sunroof and power locks or seat. The pods on the side of the dash that have the buttons controlling the wipers and lights got so hot that I could burn my fingers on them and the car was recalled because they could get so hot that they could cause a fire! I took a chance and didn't take mine in because the all push button idea was so cool! I regretfully sold mine in 1990 when I got a company car.

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