1978 Dodge Challenger

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  • Date added: 28 January, 2022
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  • Engine and Transmission: 2.4L 4 Cyl., Manual Transmission
  • Exterior/Interior Color: Two-Tone Silver/Charcoal
  • Tags: Mopar, Dodge, Dodge Challenger
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This car came to Utah from California, when a dealership owner who collects obscure & quirky cars bought this & another oddball car to gift one of them to his daughter for her birthday. Thankfully for me, she picked the other option. So I was able to secure this extremely rare 2nd Gen Challenger for only $4,500! Mechanically it runs very strong & is a lot of fun, but has typical old car problems like a small leak & no working A/C, power steering & odometer, which last read 96,000 miles. I run a car spotting Instagram @thepistonpigeon & this car makes frequent appearances & has gained me a lot of fame & attention in the car spotting world. I'm also a member of "Second Generation Challengers & Sapporos" group on FaceBook & plan on showcasing my car more as I fix it & master driving it.


  1. vido
    Added: 29 January, 2022

    Love it! Nice color combination.

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