2002 Saturn SL2 SL2 Vehicle name: Sally

Username sallythesaturnsl2 Country USA City Fort Wayne, Indiana (IN)

About this Saturn SL2

  • Date added: 06 July, 2022
  • Visits: 125
  • Engine and Transmission: 1.9L Inline 4, Twin Cam, 16 Valve. 4speed Automatic Transmission
  • Exterior/Interior Color: Gold pearl paint, and Tan and black interior.
More information

This is Sally! My 2002 Saturn SL2! She has been my daily to college and back for a year as of writing this! Sally is one of the lowest milage Saturn's you will see currently she sits at 64k miles! I am so thankful to have this car and look forward to sharing our adventures with you! Be sure to follow Sally's Insta @Sally_the_saturn_sl2


  1. yorgee
    Added: 08 July, 2022

    Sally is nice :)

    The engine is sooooo clean. Thanks for sharing your ride

  2. sallythesaturnsl2
    Added: 11 July, 2022

    Thank you I appreciate it! I've put alot of work into keeping it clean. Not to shabby for a 2002! Your welcome thanks for checking it out!😎

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