1995 Plymouth Grand Voyager LE High Top conversion Van by Glavel Vehicle name: The Plymerri

Username sallythesaturnsl2 Country USA City Fort Wayne, Indiana (IN)

About this Plymouth Grand Voyager

  • Date added: 06 July, 2022
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  • Engine and Transmission: 3.3L Pushrod V6 4spd Automatic Transmission
  • Exterior/Interior Color: Red metallic exterior with a gray and wood accented interior
More information

This is My father's 1995 Plymouth Grand Voyager Conversion Van by Glavel! It's a very rare spec as high tops weren't added to many of these vans. Fun fact these vans cam equiped with some of the first electronic transmissions! They would also adjust their shift points depending on your driving style! Pretty cool stuff! This is the car I leaned to drive on and Dailied before I purchased Sally. It's a great van and I am so blessed to have gotten to learn on it!


  1. vido
    Added: 06 July, 2022

    Gorgeous van! Love those hubcaps :)

  2. sallythesaturnsl2
    Added: 11 July, 2022

    Thank you! Yeah they are a big improvement over stock! Not to shabby for 80 bucks on Amazon for all four!🤷‍♂️

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