2001 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS

Username naterez71 Country USA City Burlington, Vermont (VT)

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  • Date added: 05 September, 2022
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  • Engine and Transmission: 2.5L flat 4 (EJ251), 5 speed manual
  • Exterior/Interior Color: Black Diamond Pearl over black leather (dealer installed)
  • Tags: Japanese cars, Subaru, Subaru Impreza
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This was my first car! My dad bought it new in September of 2000 off the lot with 25 miles. He daily drove it until summer 2016 when I started driving it. I took over ownership with about 150k miles on it. It was an awesome car and I had it until July of 2019 when it was involved in an accident and deemed totaled. It was quite rusty at that point, as all old Subarus in the northeastern US become and the head gaskets were starting to go (for the second time). After this, it was time to let it go. I sold it to someone who planned to WRX engine swap it for his girlfriend, but then they broke up and he doesn't know what happened to the car. I ran a Carfax and it hasn't been updated since the accident back in 2019. It's probably since been parted out or crushed.


  1. yorgee
    Added: 11 September, 2022

    The very first Subaru :) Thanks for posting your ride and the story attached to it

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