1970 Chrysler Valiant Hardtop

Username ozmopar Country Australia City Melbourne

About this Chrysler Valiant

  • Date added: 12 July, 2010
  • Visits: 2120
  • Engine and Transmission: Gasoline, 6 in line , 225. Transmission: 3sp auto
  • Exterior/Interior Color: brown. Upholstery: beige
  • Tags: Mopar, Chrysler
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Vf Valiant hardtop project car


  1. ozmopar
    Added: 12 July, 2010

    It is obviously not a 300 but aussie chryslers arent in the dropdown yet. Its a 1970 chrysler valiant VF Hardtop 225 slant six ,resto just begun
    Mopar or no car!!!

  2. yorgee
    Added: 12 July, 2010

    Keep us posted on your progress of the Valiant project. ... I added Valiant on the Chrysler dropdown ;)

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