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Maximum Performance: Mopar Super Stock Drag Racing 1962-1969

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Product Description: “Maximum Performance,” Chrysler dubbed them, and these remarkable cars and engines took the Super Stock racing world by storm in the ’60s—and helped bring about what is now recognized as the golden era of stock drag racing. With an unparalleled, intimate knowledge of these cars—from the assembly line to the track—Jim Schild gives a profile of Mopar cars like no other.

His book takes us into the era that produced these unique cars and delves into the details behind their creation—the specially prepared engines, ram-induction two four-barrel intake systems, exhaust cutouts, and the like—lightweight cars made strictly for racing, with no back seat, no heater, low gearing, and altered wheelbases. Along with highly detailed and accurate information on the cars’ specifications and equipment, Schild recounts their exploits on the race tracks, where, driven by legendary teams such as the Ramchargers, Golden Commandos, and Sox & Martin, they dominated the world of drag racing, setting class records that still stand today.

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