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Ford Fuel Injection & Electronic Engine Control: How to Understand, Service and Modify, 1980-1987

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Product Description: The authoritative, hands-on book for Ford Engine Control Systems. Author Charles Probst worked directly with Ford engineers, trainers and technicians to bring you expert advice and "inside information" on the operation of Ford systems. His comprehensive troubleshooting, service procedures and tips will help you master your Ford's engine control system. For the best high-performance tuning advice for street and off-road, Probst went straight to the experts--Ford's own Special Vehicle Operations. He also includes recommendations from some of the best-known Ford tuners and parts suppliers. You'll learn the hot set-up for your car or truck: what really works, what doesn't, and how to stay emissions-legal. No other book gives you this much detailed, proven information. With 330 pages, including all model-specific wiring diagrams, trouble codes, test specifications, and hundreds of photos and illustrations, this is the only choice for Ford enthusiasts, professional repair technicians and high-performance tuners who really want to understand and get the most out of their Ford.