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Standard Catalog of American Muscle Cars 1960-1972

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The Days of Thunder

The American muscle marcs of the 1960s and early 1970s were some of the hairiest, scariest and most memorable machines ever to grace the pavement. With ridiculously big engines stuffed with midsized bodies, and often covered in hood scoops, spoilers, distinctive decals and striking paint jobs, these mighty beasts scared the daylights out of insurance companies and captivated the American public.

Standard Catalog of American Muscle Cars 1960 - 1972 takes you under the hood of more than 340 of the greatest high-octane supercars built during the golden ear of American muscle.

  • Details of every U.S. factory muscle car built from 1960 - 1972
  • Factory records and production information
  • Key engine data and option lists

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