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Dodge Daytona & Chrysler Laser: The Definitive History 1984-1993

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Product Description: This unique reference guide traces the history and development of the Dodge Daytona and Chrysler Laser performance coupes from their introduction in 1984 through their final vow in 1993. The cars' complete year-by-year progressions are recounted, from XE and Turbo Z, to XT and ES, all the way to Shelby and IROC R/T. Using turbocharged 4-cylinder engines, high performance 5-speed transmissions, and high performance suspensions, the Daytona and Laser offered performance numbers that would make even muscle cars envious. The first edition of this book, published in 2007, proved to be both a critical and sales success. This revised edition is packed with even more information, more tables, more photos, even an expanded photo section. G-Body fans have been demanding a comprehensive history of the Chrysler Laser and Dodge Daytona, and this written account accomplishes that goal with in-depth detail. "I highly recommend this book to anyone that has any interest in G-bodies.It is a perfect reference for the G-bodies." -B. Goodall, President, Shelby Dodge Auto Club "The Daytona/Laser book is, frankly, the best paper-based reference we're ever likely to see on any Chrysler cars of this era; it's very well written, in an engaging style, and McCausey pulled in numerous sources to have a fairly well arranged, well documented compilation. It's worth a buy." -D. Zatz, "I certainly enjoyed going through the book...You've done a great job, and your research on these cars will be the standard in the future, especially since so little on 80's Mopars is otherwise being written." -M. McCourt, Hemmings Muscle Machines "Great book! Congratulations. You did an awesome job." -R. Baldwin, Founder, Buttonwood Press