1951 Studebaker Commander Starlight

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Tech Specifications:
  • Vehicle type: Car
  • Exterior color: Sahara Sand.
  • Interior color / upholstery: Not Specified
  • Engine: Gasoline (Petrol) Engine, V8, 232 ci (3802 cc)
  • Engine horsepower (hp): Not Specified
  • Transmission: 3-speed automatic, Borg Warner DG200

About this Studebaker Commander:
  • Date added: 03 September, 2006
  • Visits: 3978

1951 was the first year for the Studebaker ohv V-8, replacing the Commander Six that had been introduced in the 1932 Rockne.
Frank Mundy ran an identical model to three NASCAR wins in 1951.

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