1958 Opel Kapitän Deluxe

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Tech Specifications:
  • Vehicle type: Car
  • Exterior color: Blue
  • Interior color / upholstery: Not Specified
  • Engine: Gasoline (Petrol) Engine, 6 in line, 2.5 l-I6
  • Engine horsepower (hp): 79 hp
  • Transmission: 4-speed overdrive

About this Opel Kapitän:
  • Date added: 19 July, 2010
  • Visits: 9491

The car was bought in 1992 from the previous owner and restored to its current condition with parts from two other Opels. This Kapitän P1 was produced only one year.

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  • ilhamikrky
    Added: 09 October, 2012

    kapitan very nice. I have a Kapitana.


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