2000 Dodge Grand Caravan

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This Vehicle is For Sale Price: 3000 EUR
Tech Specifications:
  • Vehicle type: Van
  • Exterior color: White
  • Interior color / upholstery: Grey
  • Engine: Gasoline (Petrol) Engine, V6, 3.3
  • Engine horsepower (hp): Not Specified
  • Transmission: Automatic

About this Dodge Grand Caravan:
  • Date added: 10 July, 2012
  • Visits: 2828

This is a tidy and reliable car and very comfortable to drive,
It came over with us from the Uk and has never let us down. I love to drive this car has it is very comfortable, but now our time has come to part and I am now looking for a good home for her.
I hope this is the place to find someone who will enjoy owning this car too

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