2013 Chevrolet Silverado Crew cab

Vehicle name: YENKO 4x4 sYt

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Tech Specifications:
  • Vehicle type: Pick-up
  • Exterior color: Blue with White YENKO stripes
  • Interior color / upholstery: Grey leather
  • Engine: Gasoline (Petrol) Engine, V8, 5.3 Vortec
  • Engine horsepower (hp): 400hp
  • Transmission: 6-speed Automatic

About this Chevrolet Silverado:
  • Date added: 05 August, 2014
  • Visits: 11257

Bought new in 2013 and me and my Uncle Gene painted the YENKO stripes on it recently. I wanted to put a old school look on something new. It's the first YENKO 4x4 I've seen. Most old trucks with Yenko stripes have sYc on the hood so we figured that since its a truck it needs to say sYt.

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  • yorgee
    Added: 24 August, 2014

    Great truck :) Featured in three magazines. WOW! It's no surprise that your Chevy keeps appearing in TOP 5 most visited vehicles.

  • gene
    Added: 15 September, 2014

    DG, I really Like the Looks of Your Pickup, I Love Yenko's and this is a Wonderful example of what Mr. Yenko would have done if he were still here. I heard you did good at the Car Show this past weekend, Great Job!!


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  • Member: dgallison
    Name: DG Allison
    Country: USA USA
    State: Oklahoma (OK)
    City: Preston
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