1948 Hudson Commodore Six

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Tech Specifications:
  • Vehicle type: Car
  • Exterior color: Maroon
  • Interior color / upholstery: Not Specified
  • Engine: Gasoline (Petrol) Engine, 6 in line, 262 ci (4293 cc)
  • Engine horsepower (hp): 150 hp
  • Transmission: 3-speed automatic with overdrive

About this Hudson Commodore:
  • Date added: 08 January, 2006
  • Visits: 3799

Bought it in Indianapolis and drove it home, clutch went out and some Hudson saints rescued us and was back on the road in 10 hours.

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  • Member: billybhd
    Name: Billy Berry
    Country: USA USA
    State: Washington (WA)
    City: Silverdale
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